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A video essay by Peter Hoving

Produced by Peter Hoving
Sound Recording by John Osborne
Editing support and sound mix by Dominic Musacchio
Music by William Billings (1746 - 1800)
Music performed by Christopher Drelich, piano
Running time: 12 minutes 33 seconds (21.6 Mb)

Video copyright © 2007 by Peter Hoving - all rights reserved

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About the Videographer:

This video was produced by Peter Hoving, a retired videographer from PBS. Hoving has been a veteran film/video photographer for more than 40 years. His career included filming Julia Child in France, more than 50 episodes of NOVA, and 11 seasons with Alan Alda on Scientific American Frontiers.

About the Music:

William Billings is generally considered to be the first American-born composer. He was instrumental in bringing music into Puritan worship, and his 4-part a cappella hymns are sung by many church choirs today.

The piano renditions and improvisations contained on this video (and also used on this web site) were performed in 2007 by Christopler Dreilich, Director of Music at the Governor's Academy in Byfield, Massachusetts.