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  • Webster, New Hampshire (1791)   (GPS location N43° 19′ 48″, W71° 43′ 02″)

  • Left Corner View, Webster NH Meetinghouse Name of Meetinghouse:   Webster Meetinghouse

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    Street Address of Meetinghouse:   near 1220 Battle St., Webster, NH (on NH State Rt. 127, just north of Long Street)
    Year(s) Built:   1791
    National Register of Historic Places Designation:   Yes - date?
    New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places:   ?
    Organization responsible:   Society for the Preservation of the Old Meetinghouse in Webster
    Organization's address:   1212 Battle St., Webster, NH 03303
    Organization's web site:   Webster Historical Society
    Town Information:   Town of Webster
    Tax status:   501(C)(3) - tax exempt

    Contact:   Marjorie Blanchette, 12 Lake Road, Webster, NH 03303
    Telephone:   (603) 648-2214

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    Acknowledgements: This text has been taken from personal correspondence with Gerald Monz


    Webster, NH Meetinghouse The meetinghouse at Webster, New Hampshire is relatively untouched from its original design, except for the addition of a 2nd floor at the balcony level. It was built in 1791, and was used for worship until 1823 when the "new" church was built. After that, it was used for town business for many years. Today it seems to be used as an historical society museum, although there does not seem to be a lot of activity. The building has been moved since this early photo (taken in the 1930s) because there is no longer a cemetery next to it.

    This town was originally part of Boscawen, which was incorporated in 1760. In 1791, residents of the western part of Boscawen petitioned for separation into a town to be named Bristol. Residents of the eastern part voted to build a second meetinghouse to accommodate them, and thus avoid division. The separation finally occurred in 1860, when a new town was incorporated as Webster in honor of Daniel Webster, the famous American lawyer and statesman. Webster served as Secretary of State during the administrations of Presidents William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and Millard Fillmore. Mount Webster and Webster Lake were also named for him.

    Sign, Webster NH Meetinghouse  
    Right Corner View, Webster NH Meetinghouse  
    Plack, Webster NH Meetinghouse
    90E: Webster Front View Webster Door and Windows
    99T: Webster Interior 1 99Y: Webster Interior 3
    100A: Webster Interior 4 99X: Webster Interior 2