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  • Hingham, Massachusetts (1681)   (GPS location N42° 14′ 28″, W70° 53′ 11″)

  • Old Ship Church, Hingham Name of Meetinghouse:   Old Ship Church

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    Street Address of Meetinghouse:   90 Main St., Hingham, MA
    Year(s) Built:   1681
    National Register of Historic Places Designation:   1962
    Massachusetts State Register of Historic Places:   Yes - year?
    Organization responsible:   Old Ship Church, First Parish in Hingham
    Organization's address:   107 Main St., Hingham, MA 02043
    Organization's web site:   Old Ship Church
    Additional Ingormation:   Friends of Old Ship Meeting House
    Town Information:   Town of Hingham
    Tax status:   Religious organization - tax exempt

    Contact:   Julianna Dunn, Parish Administrator
    Telephone:   (781) 749-1679

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    The Old Ship in Hingham, Massachusetts, is the oldest of the surviving meetinghouses. It was built in 1681, and the curved roof beams resemble the inside of a ship. Old Ship Church, Hingham Architecturally, the Old Ship is quite a bit different from the Meetinghouses that were built in the 1700s. Its layout is essentially square, with a hip roof. As with later meetinghouses, the main entrance faces south, and the interior layout consists of a high pulpit on the north wall, and galleries on the other three walls. Box pews occupy both the ground floor and the galleries. When it was originally built, there would probably have been entrances on the east and west walls for women and men, respectively. However, additions to the east and west sides of the building have removed these earlier entrances.

    Old Ship Church, Hingham

    Old Ship Church, Hingham Old Ship Church, Hingham Old Ship Church, Hingham
    Old Ship Church, Hingham Old Ship Church, Hingham