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  • Hampstead, New Hampshire (1745)
    (GPS location GPS location N42° 52′ 30″, W71° 10′ 45″)

  • Hampstead, NH Meetinghouse Name of Meetinghouse:   Old Meeting House

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    Street Address of Meetinghouse:   Emerson Avenue, just east of Route 121, Hampstead, NH
    Year(s) Built:   1745
    National Register of Historic Places Designation:   ?
    New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places:   ?
    Organization responsible:   Town of Hampstead
    Organization's address:   11 Main Street, Hampstead, NH 03841
    Organization's web site:   none
    Town Information:   Town of Hampstead, New Hampshire
    Tax status:   Municipal Government - tax exempt

    Contact:   Town Offices
    Telephone:   (603) 329-4100
    E-mail:   none

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    Door, Hampstead NH Meetinghouse The meetinghouse at Hampstead, New Hampshire now serves as a community center. The interior has been substantially modernized, and a floor has been added at the former balcony level. However, the exterior is kept in its original style, and is well maintained by the town. It is also one of the oldest surviving meetinghouses. It was built in 1745, although the interior was not completed until 1792. The belfry boasts an original Paul Revere bell.

    Hampstead Meetinghouse
    Hampstead, NH Meetinghouse