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  • Cornish, New Hampshire (1793)   (GPS location N 43.466602, W 72.385048)

  • Trinity Church, Cornish Name of Meetinghouse:   Trinity Church

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    Street Address of Meetinghouse:   NH Route 12A, just south of Town House Road, Cornish, NH
    Year(s) Built:   1793
    National Register of Historic Places Designation:   ?
    New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places:   ?
    Organization responsible:   ?
    Organization's address:   ?
    Organization's web site:   none
    Town Information:   Town of Cornish, New Hampshire
    Tax status:   Religious organization - tax exempt

    Contact:   ?
    Telephone:   ?
    E-mail:   ?

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    Alna Meetinghouse

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    This is another Anglican "meetinghouse," built by the early settlers who were members of the Church of England. Known as Trinity, this structure has preserved the Anglican form of worship since 1793. It is surrounded by "God's Acre," a term used in earlier times for the church's graveyard.

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    Trinity Church (Anglican), Cornish, NH Door, Trinity Church, Cornish, NH
    Windows, Trinity Church, Cornish, NH